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1 to 1 Guided Self-help

The 1:1 Guided Self-Help Treatment is the main service of eGPS. By applying cognitive-behavioural theory to therapy, users can learn a simple way to alleviate their emotional distress. Our psychological well-being officers will prepare a suitable self-help workbook for you, and guide you to unfold emotion and learn to regulate emotion effectively.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem faced by many urbanites. You might have tried different ways to improve your sleep, but they are not really helping. "Dealing with Insomnia and Sleep Hygiene Course" will explain the causes of insomnia and introduce methods to improve sleep from the cognitive-behavioral perspective. In the form of a small group, we will guide you to apply what you have learned in class to your daily life, adjust your sleep habits and reduce the negative impacts of insomnia.

Mindful Parenting

(Please refer to the Chinese version of the website)


單對單「指導式自助治療」 是 情緒 GPS 的服務重點,利用認知行為治療的原則,以簡單易學的方法去改善情緒。我們的心理健康主任會為您準備適合的自助手冊,並協助您逐步認識情緒的本質以及使用有效改善情緒的方法。




Prof. Susan Bögels 創辦,專為家長而設,是一項著重體驗而有實證支持的訓練。在靜觀親職課程中,我們學習更有意識地、不加批判地留意「此時此刻」,使我們更敏銳地覺察自己和子女的需要,並在親子相處間培養出寬容的心去面對自己和孩子。

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